Services We Offer

Agency Services

  • Planner Assistance and BAPLIE/TDR services.
  • Providing accurate information about port's line up
  • Assisting vessel with requirement before arrival
  • Processing cargo documents with custom authority
  • Looking for the best pier for your vessel and cargo
  • Advising you to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Liaise with Master and several authorities
  • Providing security information during port stay
  • Finding you the best third parties service providers
  • Prepare vessel for a prompt departure
  • Assist crew during port stay

Stevedoring Services

  • Container Handling

    We are prepared to provide you with a realiable and fast cargo operations (more than 1.000.000 TEUS moved during our history)

  • Bulk Cargo

    We have the equipment needed to discharge your bulk cargo in Venezuela (Hoopers, Grabs, Lifts)

  • Break Bulk Cargo

    We have the experience if you need special equipment to discharge your breal bulk cargo

Complementary Services

  • Cargo & Bunker Survey

    If your particular needs is a bunker or cargo survey we are available with very reputables professional surveyors.

  • Hull Inspection & Cleaning

    We can provide you with an associated subacuatic inspection and hull cleaning company with best available.prices

  • Provisions

    Hiring a reliable shipchandler is very important, even more in ports unknown by your company. We are an authorized Ship chandler in different ports, ready to serve you with spare parts and provisions during your port stay.

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